Sibonne-600-2Sibonné Beach Hotel is right on Grace Bay Beach

‘The Sibonné Beach is, to me, the best one on Grace Bay. There were hardly any people around us until you walked all the way down to Beaches or the Point. The sand is like powdered sugar, and the ocean more blue than I have ever seen it.’
Condé Nast rated Grace Bay the “number one beach on the planet.”
Sibonné Beach Hotel is closer to Grace Bay Beach than any other inn, hotel, resort or condominium on Grace Bay. No room at Sibonné is more than 50 steps from the beach and our two Beach Front Rooms and our Beach Apartment are closer to the beach than any other accommodations on Grace Bay.
From the moment you arrive at Sibonné Beach Hotel, you’ll understand why Caribbean Travel and Life magazine calls Grace Bay Beach one of the ‘Best Beaches in the Caribbean’.  Not only this, but Grace Bay Beach and the Turks & Caicos are still the best ‘undiscovered destinations’ in the Caribbean.
Sibonné provides beach towels, lounge chairs and several ‘Tiki Huts’ for shade just in front of the hotel.  Easy access to the pool, bar and restaurant let you get the most ‘sun and fun’ possible.
We don’t have a dive shop or water sports facilities  – but these are available at several of our neighbor resorts just a short walk down the beach so you can enjoy snorkeling, SCUBA Diving, para-sailing, ocean kayaks, sail boat rentals, power boats and more!
Most people are stunned by the incredible turquoise blue water that seems so much more intense in the waters of Grace Bay Beach than anywhere else in the world. In fact, some of our guests go home and have trouble convincing friends and family that the photos are ‘real’.  Until you visit, its hard to believe that such colors actually exist.
The reason for this magical shade of blue is a combination of the purity of the water and the intensity of the Caribbean sun.  Whatever the technical reasons – you’ll notice it as soon as you arrive at Sibonné.  Make sure that you take a photo with the ocean in the background – you’ll treasure it forever!
Make your reservations today and join us on Grace Bay Beach!