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Provo has some of the best SCUBA Diving in the Caribbean!

SCUBA Diving Packages at Sibonné Beach Hotel

Sibonné Beach Hotel is one of the most popular hotels for divers that want an intimate hotel that is right on Grace Bay Beach. We offer Dive Packages with all dive shops and live-aboard yacht.
NOTE: Since dive package rates can vary depending on dates, combination of divers/non-divers and how many dives you plan – we suggest that you book your room at Sibonné Beach Hotel and then contact Dive Shops directly for the dive portion of the package.  We work with all dive shops on Provo and the dive shop will work with us to adjust your reservation based on the final package if necessary so you don’t have a double booking.

thmpppatchDive Provo:

TheProvo_Explorer_and_Provo_Cr professional Dive Provo staff is dedicated to providing guests with convenient and trouble-free diving. At Dive Provo we know it is not just outstanding diving that makes a great vacation, it is also the attitude and friendliness of the dive staff. Dive Provo customer surveys continually rank our staff as “Number One” in reasons why they would return.
Dive Provo has the most comprehensive dive schedule on island. We dive 5 areas, with each area having a number of interesting and beautiful sites. Where we dive on any given day is dependant upon where divers have already been and where they want to go. We try to rotate everyone around the various areas as each is unique and beautiful in it’s own way.
Modern boats, designed for customer convenience, include such amenities as showers, rinse tanks, comfortable seating, platform and ladders, as well as VHF radio and safety equipment. We make daily trips to Grace Bay, Pine Cay and North West Point.


Ocean Vibes:

Watch this space for new dive packages with Ocean Vibes Dive Shop. Wayne (center) and the staff at Ocean Vibes have a dedicated following among divers who want personalized diving or small groups with 12 divers or less.
oceanvibesstaffWayne is originally from Grand Turk and has worked throughout the Caribbean before returning totheTurks & Caicos islands and opening his own dive shop in Provo – right next to Turtle Cove Inn.
If you prefer small groups and want to learn about the culture of the Turks and Caicos Islands on your way to the dive sites – take a look at Ocean Vibes!
Rates are a bit more at Ocean Vibes than at the other dive shops in order to accommodate smaller groups. According to Wayne – “try us out and we’ll refund the difference if you’re not satisfied with the Ocean Vibe experience”.
No one has ever requested a refund!
An added benefit at Ocean Vibes is their ‘beach pick-up’ service where they will meet you on the beach right on Grace Bay Beach in front of Sibonné Beach Hotel – rather than driving to the dive boat!

Other Dive Shops on Provo

Sibonné Beach Hotel also works with Provo Turtle Divers, Big Blue Unlimited, Caicos Adventures, Flamingo Divers and the Turks & Caicos Explorer II Liveaboard Dive Yacht. No matter which Dive Experience you choose, Sibonné Beach Hotel provides great value with the best beach on Grace Bay to enjoy after diving!