Helpful Information for your stay at Sibonné
IMPORTANT TRAVEL NOTICE All travelers, including U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders from the Caribbean, Central, South America & Bermuda are required to have a PASSPORT and to enter or re-enter the United States. Please visit the U.S. State Department’s website: for more information.
For those who want to ‘know before you go’ – here is some useful details about Sibonné Beach Hotel and the Turks & Caicos to help you plan your vacation!
Money: US Dollar. All major credit cards (AX, VI, MC) and travelers checks widely accepted.  Other currency can be changed at local banks.
Electricity: 120/240 volts, 60 Hz, suitable for all US appliances.
Entry Requirements: All visitors require a valid passport plus a valid onward or return ticket. Visitors from North American may enter with a birth certificate and one piece of ID bearing a photograph.
Customs: Visitors can bring one carton of cigarettes or cigars, one bottle of liquor or wine and some perfume. Since prices on Turks & Caicos are not as cheap as some Caribbean islands – many experienced visitors take advantage of Duty Free Shops in JFK, MIA, or other gateway airports on their way to Providenciales.
Medical Services: There is a private emergency medical clinic located in Provo in the event of a medical emergency during your vacation. Emergency Medical Services offers Ambulance, Air-Ambulance, Emergency Room, ACLS, Family Practice, X-Ray, Ultra-Sound, Optometrist, Chiropractor, Dentist, Pharmacy and Decompression Chamber.  For details, check their website at or call 649-946-4242
Car Rental: If you like to dive on vacation – there are several car rental agencies in Provo.  Remember that driving is on the left.  A valid driver’s license is required and all drivers must be at least 21 years.
There are several local companies that you can contact once you arrive – or you can reserve online with Avis, Budget, or Hertz.  The pick-up location will be PLS which is the airport code for the Providenciales airport.
Parking: There is plenty of parking in the lot next to the hotel.
Taxis: If you prefer to leave the driving to others – Taxis are easy to find at the airport for your ride to Sibonné. The current fare is approximately $18-20 for the 10 minute ride. There is a list of taxi companies in your room at Sibonné so you can call a taxi whenever you need one.
Telephone Service: All rooms at Sibonné have direct dial telephones you can use to call anywhere in the world.  A major credit card will be required at check-in to activate your telephone.
Please bear in mind that discount phone rates have not found their way to the Turks & Caicos Islands and all telephone rates are set by Cable & Wireless.  Considering the cost of maintaining ‘state of the art’ telecommunications services in the middle of the Caribbean – rates are probably reasonable.
However, for any guests who are used to the de-regulated USA market where calls are pennies per minute – the cost of a phone call in Provo can be a shock.
Long Distance Calls: Depending when and where you are calling, calls range from $1.50 per minute and up… this charge includes most 800 ‘calling card’ calls for companies such as MCI and Sprint. (see below) Your long distance calls will be charged directly to your room account.
1-800 Calls: If you call an 800 number – you will be charged for the call. Keep this in mind if you have a ‘calling card’ – since you may be charged twice.
Local Turks & Caicos Calls: Even local calls are charged per minute.  Current charges are approximately $1.10 per three minute period ( three minutes and one second would be $2.20).
Receiving Calls: You can be contacted at the hotel by having people call you at 649-946-5547. From 9am through 10pm calls will be answered at the front desk & transferred to your room.
If you expect calls at other times, you should let people know your room number/extension so that they can use our automated telephone system to transfer the call to your room.  If callers don’t know your room number, they can leave a message and we’ll inform you the next morning when the office opens.
Cell Phones: Most cell phones from the US do not work in the Turks & Caicos with the exception of ATT Wireless.  There are posters in the Providenciales airport that proclaim that you can use ‘roaming’ on most cell phones – but we haven’t found any that work. Some guests report that Sprint cell phones show ‘analog roaming’ on the display, but no calls were able to be placed. Other guests report that phones from the UK are more apt to work – check with your cell phone provider prior to traveling if this is important to you.  There doesn’t seem to be a standard for what works and what doesn’t.
Since technology is always improving, hopefully all cell phones will work in the near future – so it may be worth bringing the phone along just in case the situation changes.  There is a website that has information at which may be helpful.
Cable and Wireless cell phones are available for rent at TCI Online.  TCI Online has an internet cafe at the ‘Ports of Call’ shopping mall across from the  Comfort Suites.  Its about a 15 minute walk down the beach and then about 5 minutes more to the main road.  Cell phones can be rented for $10 per day or $49.95 per week.
Although incoming calls are free, these are ‘pay as you go’ cell phones and you can buy ‘phone cards’ starting at $20.00.  These cards are in addition to the rental – and are non-refundable if you don’t use the minutes.
If you need a cell phone, it is best to contact TCI Online to reserve in advance. At peak times – they may not be available.  A deposit of approximately $250.00 will be required when you pick up your phone.
Call 649-941-4711 and refer to code number: SIBONNE 0013  for a discount.
Internet Access: All rooms at Sibonné Beach Hotel have direct-dial telephones with data ports if you want to check your email while on vacation.  Cable & Wireless has a local telephone number that you can use to connect to the internet.
From your dial-up connection window, put a 9, for outside local calls and then the local access telephone number of 266-6328.  You can then use the common username ‘easy’ and the password ‘access’.
Access Telephone number: 9,266-6328
Username: easy
Password: access
You will be charged for a local telephone call which is charged per minute. Charges will be added directly to your hotel bill.  Please make sure that you disconnect after checking your mail – since charges will continue to accumulate as long as you stay connected.  Charges are approximately $1.20 every 3 minutes.
If you want less expensive internet access – or if you don’t want to bring your computer – TCI Online has an internet cafe at the ‘Ports of Call’ shopping mall across from the  Comfort Suites Hotel.  Its about a 15 minute walk down the beach and then about 5 minutes more to the main road.  Internet charges average about 25¢ per minute with discounts available for 40 minutes or more.
Call 649-941-4711 and refer to code number: SIBONNE 0013 for a discount.
Update 7/19/08: We are in the process of installing internet access and a computer kiosk – we will update the site when wifi access is available. Until then, please contact the hotel for information.
Beach Towels: Beach Towels are available at the Front Desk.
Maid Service: Daily maid service is provided starting at 9am.  If you would like to sleep late, just hang your ‘do not disturb’ sign outside your door.
Cable TV: Each room has cable TV with a wide variety of stations including CNN, CNBC, major US networks, ESPN and BBC World.  We do not have premium channels such as HBO, CineMax or Showtime.  Please be considerate of other guests and keep the volume low.
Radios/CD Players: We do not have radios or cd players in the rooms at Sibonné – so you may want to bring one along.
Hair Dryers: All bathrooms are equipped with wall-mounted hair dryers.
Coffee Makers: An automatic coffee maker is provided in each room along with an envelope of filter coffee to get you started each morning.  Your maid will provide new coffee/filter each day.
Make-up Mirrors: A wall-mounted magnifying mirror is provided in each bathroom.
Restaurant: The Grace Bay Bistro is open every day for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is available every day except Mondays when the restaurant and bar are closed. We can help you make arrangements at other nearby restaurants.
No Smoking: Sibonné has a no smoking policy in all rooms.  Elsewhere on the property you are free to smoke including the balconies and patios. We appreciate your consideration and co-operation in this matter.
Wake Up: You can set a wake up call by pressing the voicemail button on your telephone and following the prompts.
Children: Our rooms are not equipped for roll-away beds to accommodate children. However, we do have several adjoining rooms to accommodate families who wish to book two rooms. Some of our rooms have double/double beds.  The beach apartment has a ‘sleep-sofa’ in the living room.  We don’t have any organized activities for children at the hotel – but the beach usually keeps them busy.
Ice: An ice bucket is provided in your room and ice is always available in Junior’s Bar next to the Grace Bay Bistro.
Mini-mart: We don’t have a mini-mart at Sibonné – but there is one at The Sands Resort next door.  If you walk down the beach to your right – go to the far end of The Sands, past the office and you’ll find a deli/mini-mart that is open from about 8am – 6pm. They sell water, sodas, gourmet items, candy bars, sun lotion, etc.
Groceries: Although our rooms have a mini-fridge, they will not easily accommodate more than a few grocery items.  However, if you stay in our Beach Apartment, you’ll have a full kitchen and you may want to ‘stock up’ on snacks, etc. for the beach. There is an IGA supermarket on the island. Prices tend to be high when compared to US mega-stores but the selection is good.
Since continental breakfast is included in our rates, why not just relax on your vacation and order a ‘box lunch’ for the beach or enjoy the spectacular view from our restaurant instead!
Security: Safes are provided in each room for your security. Keys are available at the Front Desk (deposit required in case of loss). Rooms all have ‘dead-bolts’ and a security guard is on duty each night after 9pm.
Check-out: Check-out time is 11:30am.  Baggage can be stored at the Front Desk for Guests departing later in the day. Check with the Front Desk if you would like a late check-out (pending availability – additional charge may apply).
If you are departing prior to 7:30 am, please checkout with the front desk the night before the office closes.  We can help arrange for a taxi to pick you up in the morning.
Departure Tax: Departure taxes are generally included in your airline ticket – but there is a Security Fee that is charged at the airport.
If you have any questions regarding other services,
please contact us at

Welcome to Sibonne Beach Hotel at Grace Bay Beach!

Helpful Information for your stay at Sibonné Beach Hotel

For those who want to ‘know before you go’ – here are some useful details about
Sibonné Beach Hotel and the Turks & Caicos to help you plan your vacation!
If you have any questions regarding other services, please contact us at